Thank you for your interest in The Ocean School! We are excited to offer a truly innovative 6th-12th grade program that engages students in tackling real-world problems while developing the very 21st century skills they need to thrive in a constantly evolving world. Grounded in a rigorous academic foundation, the program employs the most current research-based instructional techniques in order to cultivate young leaders and innovators, ready to create their own success. Content and memorization yield to original solutions and critical thinking. Prescribed approaches are replaced by fluid mindsets and applied problem solving. Students are empowered to be active learners who engage their world head-on with the capacity to make real change. In short, The Ocean School provides the future of education, now.

For our founding 6th and 7th grade classes (starting in September of 2020), we are looking for students who are excited to learn from the world that surrounds them. They should be intrigued by complex challenges and open to discovery through experience. Whether performing experiments in the field alongside local environmentalists or partnering with business leaders to grapple with existing demands, Ocean School students should be energized by the opportunity to have their school extend well beyond the walls of a traditional classroom. We welcome such eager, inquisitive young learners to join us in a dynamic journey of discovery!


Warmest Regards,

Jeff McConaghy, Ed.D.
Founder and Head of School


The Ocean School does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, disability, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, or national or ethnic origin or ancestry in the administration of its education, admissions policies, financial aid, or any other aspect of the program.

Fast Facts:

To Develop engaged, skilled leaders and innovators who can tackle the profound challenges and realize the extraordinary opportunities that emerge in the 21st century.

Playa Vista / Marina Del Rey

Fall of 2020 with 6th and 7th grades

Ultimate Enrollment
Middle School (6-8): 125
Upper School (9-12): 200

Average Class Size
MS: 12
US: 14

The Ocean School strives to reflect the incredibly vibrant city of Los Angeles that it calls home. Ethnic, cultural, socio-economic, sexual orientation, religious, and philosophical diversity all add depth and richness to our school community.