Ocean School Graduates

Graduates will be...

Critical thinkers who are comfortable with the process of unpacking, analyzing, and addressing deeply complex issues.

Imaginative, flexible problem solvers who synthesize and create new ways to tackle existing challenges.

Compelling, convincing writers and speakers who understand how to successfully address a full spectrum of audiences.

Active consumers of language and media who adeptly recognize bias and are fluent in the most current and relevant digital technologies.

Creative, fluid innovators and entrepreneurs who explore and experiment without fear of failure, instead recognizing the inherent value in a trial-and-error approach to creation.

Skilled, confident leaders who employ deft decision making to tackle uncertainty or challenge with clear vision and right action.

Engaged team members who both lead through influence and readily, effectively collaborate with people from a wide array backgrounds and perspectives.

Thoughtful, ethical global citizens who approach other cultures, traditions, and beliefs with the open-mindedness and empathy needed to engage across boundaries and borders.

Experienced activists who have tackled a social or environmental issue through informed analysis, program design, fundraising, and partnership-building.